Wedding is the most important time of the life for you, it brings a lot of responsibilities and stress as well. Our events are 100% custom, strategically designed, and curated to celebrate.
Destination Wedding
We work with Best Destination Wedding Planner's most beautiful venues around the Uttarakhand! We use our knowledge and entrusted experience in the beautiful cities around the world in bringing an occasion
Venue Selection
We understand Venue selection can be a tedious job when choosing the best Wedding Venues for your special occasion amongst millions of options out there.
We offer best catering services for wedding with a variety of global & Indian cuisines. We ensure that we provide an exceptional experience through our catering service. We not only understand food but also events and weddings
Consulting and coordinating with designers and professional stylists for hair, makeup, mehendi, accessories, wardrobe and sari draping as per your vision and budget, and in keeping with the latest trends and your body type
Favors & Gifts
Ideating, sourcing and packaging themed giveaways or favours, event-related giveaways, gifts for Mehendi ceremony, and welcome hampers for guests. It could be a traditional Indian wedding gift like beautifully packaged custom gift boxes with sweets, chocolates, dried fruits etc.
Wedding Entertainment
Referring and coordinating a range of options relating to entertainment at the wedding and related functions, including live acts, live music, DJs, celebrity appearances, performers, dancers, artists, pyrotechnic shows, etc..
Wedding Decoration
On your Day we make you feel like a celebrity and follow your every glimpse like paparazzi. Your every click becomes a story and every smile becomes a memory as we craft your dream wedding.
Pre-Wedding Photography
Arranging for your pre-wedding photography shoot — be it on an exotic beach, on the romantic streets of Paris, or even in Rajasthan. We arrange for everything from a professional photography team, travel, accommodation, styling, and more.
Hospitality is defined as taking care of your guests and precisely anticipating their needs. We are renowned for offering a wide range of hospitality services that include lodging, food and drink service, event planning and transportation service.
Wedding Photography Videography
Your wedding is your special day and we transform it into a special story through capturing those moments with the camera. We will make you look back at these photos after decades of time and relive exactly how it was, as crafted by you as your own individual story.
Wedding Dance Choreography
Celebrating your wedding with a choreographed performance is a great way to showcase your personality and let your hair down with friends and family. We have an experienced team who will teach you the best dance
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